Saturday Workshops
Saturday 10-11:30AM

maricopa room

Judith Simon Prager

Verbal First Aid: Your Words Can Harm Or Heal

Every day we encounter situations in which we are at a loss for words to make things better, and yet the image in the mind of a person in fear, panic, pain, or crisis sets the course for recovery, for better or worse. When you know Verbal First Aid, you can make the difference between panic and calm, pain and comfort, even life and death.

Popular lecturer Judith Simon Prager, Ph.D,.is co-author of The Worst Is Over: What To Say When Every Moment Counts, “Outstanding Instructor of 2004” in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, Dean of the School of Transformational Psychology of the Philosophical Research Society, and trains people all over the world in the simple life-saving techniques of Verbal First Aid.

greenlee room Cyn Blashaw     Booths 400/402

Taking your first ‘Energetic Footbath’

Understand how the cleansing process works. Learn what you might feel during a footbath, and what you can experience as a result of taking responsibility for your health using the FOCUS energetic footbath technology. Experience a live demonstration with volunteers selected from the audience to receive a full 35-minute treatment during this workshop. Discuss how repeated treatments affect the body, increasing cellular absorption, hydration and oxygenation. Enjoy a discussion on the health benefits anyone can achieve.

Cyn Blashaw – Expert in energetic footbath technology, President of Health & Energy Alternatives, and committed to the process of achieving balance and optimal health through cellular cleansing.

mohave room Redwolf Pope     Booth 1128

Preventing Diabetic Amputations – herbal, medical, and surgical methods

Most diabetic amputees die of a heart attack within 5 years of their first amputation. We demonstrate and train on the use of medical devices, surgeries, and herbs, to reverse diabetic neuropathy, and prevent amputation. We discuss the very latest advancements, studies, and traditional treatments being done on Indigenous diabetes.

RedWolf Pope (Western Shoshone) A tribal business/health consultant, has drafted bills for tribal needs, lobbied at legislatures, and serves on the board of several nonprofits.

turquoise ballroom Indigenous Teachings and Healings     Booth MS-6

Traditional Elders and Healers that are willing to share their knowledge to help in the healing of the Mother Earth, each other and ourselves.

gila room Dr Katherine Frisbee (Isagenix International)
copper ballroom Patricia Slabaugh, M.S.W.    Booth 925/927

A Practical Use Of A Course In Miracles

Peace of mind fosters health. Perceived stresses in life play havoc with our immune system. A Course in Miracles states that no situation has meaning except the meanings we create. Using a technique called EVENT - MEANING - FEELING, we will explore our unhelpful meanings, replacing them with new peaceful meanings.

PATRICIA SLABAUGH, M.S.W. was a therapist, workshop leader and teacher. Combining her background with Spiritual principles, she helps others bring deeper peace to their lives.
Saturday 11:30AM-1PM
mohave room David and Kat Sohn     Booth 519

Escaping the Labyrinth

David Sohn created The Body Memory Process© which facilitates interaction with the beginning of a problem pattern – the decision made when we accept information about ourselves from the opinions of others. David will speak on this unique healing process which applies collective knowledge about the consciousness of babies and children.

After a powerful Near Death Experience, David Sohn’s intensive life exploration has joined oriental and occidental understanding into a cohesive healing paradigm - The Body Memory Process.

turquoise ballroom Kathy Creath     Booth 922

Intuitive Techniques as a Pathway to Integrated Wholeness

All of us have the abiliity to tap intuitvely into subtle energies, although many of us are not aware of this or do not utilize their potential. This experiential workshop will introduce and utilize simple experiential techniques involving light, sound, and meditation to aid participants in connecting to divine energies, the source within, listening to their bodies, releasing that which they no longer need, and integrating energetic wholeness and intuitive practices into their body and being.

Dr. Kathy Creath has a Ph.D.’s in optical sciences and music, is a spiritual director, a certified practitioner of Vortex Healing Energetic Therapy®, and teaches intuitive interaction using light and sound techniques.

maricopa room Felipe Molina     Yoeme Tribe

Traditional Desert Foods

greenlee room John Freedom

Healing My Relationships, Healing My Self

We idealize and ‘fall in love,’ not with a real person, but with our ideas, stories and expectations about her/him. Later, when we feel disappointed and fall ‘’out of love’‘, we recognize that the person we ‘love’ is NOT the person we thought. In this experiential seminar we will discuss and explore our stories, expectations and projections, and how they affect our lives and relationships. Please come to this event prepared to look, shift and change.

A former radio talk-show host, John Freedom teaches seminars in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Healing Relationships throughout the US and in Europe.

crystal ballroom Caren Trujillo

Natural Healing Techniques

Throughout my personal journey, I have searched and obtained many natural ways to assist people in their healing process. Many of these techniques are very simple and can be taught. Problems such as stress, pain, headaches, negative self talk, emotional problems etc., can be dealt with in a simple, natural way. I have used these techniques over and over again, successfully, in my years of practice. As a practitioner of natural healing methods, I will talk about my own approach to healing, share my personal beliefs, approaches and teach, by demonstration, some of the techniques I use.

Caren (Yaqui decent), BSW, has a strong belief in each person’s power to heal themselves. She is a practitioner of natural remedies and uses techniques to assist individuals in restoring their wellness path.

copper ballroom Indigenous Teachings and Healings     Booth MS-6
Traditional Elders and Healers that are willing to share their knowledge to help in the healing of the Mother Earth, each other and ourselves.
Saturday 1-2:30PM
copper ballroom Phyllis Light     Booth 500

The Power to Heal Your Relationships

Phyllis teaches how to improve the quality of your relationships, clear your subconscious patterns, and open your heart to more love. She explains the actual mechanics of how the heart chakra functions, and offers a healing for everyone present, to release negative energies that cause heartache and pain in relationships.

Phyllis Light, Ph.D. is a teacher, counselor, author, and expert in “Telepathic Healing.” She clears negative subconscious programming and helps people rise to their true spiritual potential.

turquoise ballroom Dan Clausing     Booth 812

Dismantling The Illusion: The Study Of Zero Point Technology

Zero Point is thought to be the fundamental energy of all manifested universes, the place all formed reality comes from and returns to. It is still relatively unknown and misunderstood, yet originally based on scientific research hundreds of years old, including the works of Nikola Tessla. In this workshop, Dan will guide you with hands-on experience to validate this field of energy. You will learn how to tap into Zero Point in practical ways that will allow you to apply and utilize it in all aspects of your life. Through slides, and group participation, he will demonstrate the effects of Zero Point energy on a 3- dimensional reality.

Dan has tremendous communication skills, poignantly getting across the importance of seeing what is. He has done countless radio shows and seminars on cutting edge technologies, alternative health and supplementation, metaphysics.

greenlee room  


maricopa room Sanjay Manchanda     Booth 720

The Unblemished Self: Meditation and Self-Inquiry and its Role in Wellness

This workshop will help to you to directly experience the self that is always well, also known as pure awareness, or your true nature. This initiation will then be used to introduce the principles and methods for a meditation practice, and understand its role in daily life.

Sanjay Manchanda, Ph.D. LAMFT has been a spiritual counselor and bodyworker for fifteen years. He practices transpersonal and body-centered therapy, and teaches meditation and self-inquiry.

mohave room Kathy Rinn     Booth 621

Massage Therapy on Hands and Feet

This class will give participants an opportunity to learn the basic Swedish massage strokes by observing the instructors demonstration. They will then pair up and practice these strokes on each others feet and hands. Stroke sheet hand outs and complimentary massage oil will be given to each participant.

B.S. in Education: N.A.U., 1976 Desert Institute of the Healing Arts: Massage: 1984; Shiatsu: 1991 Instructor: Desert Institute of the Healing Arts Owner: Right Touch Massage Therapy

crystal ballroom Jennifer Crippen     Booth 507/606

Aromatherapy: Know What Your Body is Asking

How do the vital essences from the plant kingdom assist us in balancing our energy body? Choosing the correct essential oils for dealing with chakras and aura balance is simple, but many people do not know how. Leaving this workshop you will be able to make these choices yourself and go home with a gift that will assist you in your own spiritual journey.

Jennifer Crippen; Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher B.S.Environmental Science. Jennifer is highly trained in the use of essential oils. Her education includes training from Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, Young Living Essential Oils, University of Azuay, WONMP and various independent educators. Her greatest joy is to teach workshops that empower people in their health choices.

Saturday 2:30-4PM
mohave room Shari Silvey     Booths 801/803/900/902

Awakening your life force energy

Take an experiential journey through your body to learn to unleash the power of life force energy. Learn to locate where the blocks and negative emotions dwell. Using a hands on approach learn to release emotional blocks and transform this potent energy into useful productive energy. When we align our focus intent with this powerful energy we experience self-empowerment and can manifest our dreams. Entertaining storytelling through Shari’s interactive art is included to understand how energy manifests.

Hiking & backpacking into remote wilderness areas, provide artist Shari Silvey with the inspiration & energy messages she uses for her paintings, writings, and regional playshops & retreats.

turquoise ballroom Steven S. Sadleir     Booth 428

Anti-Aging Secrets from the East

Learn an Ancient Ayurvedic system for facilitating cell regeneration called “Kaya Kalpa” (or “Body Immoral”) which has been used by the Yogi’s of India to extent their life force energy to live longer and healthier lives. You will experience the difference in just one hour!

Steven S. Sadleir is Director of The Self Awareness Institute and, and the Kaya Kalpa Institute in Madras, India. He is also author of several best-selling books.

crystal ballroom Barry Kapp & Audre Wenzler     Booth 317

Living the Authentic Life with Medicinal Aromatherapy

Many people feel disillusioned with their life and health…feeling soomehow that they have been betrayed by their bodies. We will explore how pure plant and tree essences bring you back to your authenticity by connecting you to the healing power of Earth Mother and helping you to access your intuition/psychic powers.

Barry Kapp & Audre Wenzler, Wisdom of the Earth, Sedona, AZ. Barry , a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist, studied in Turkey, France and Israel. Audre, a Medicinal Aromatherapist, studied here and abroad. They practice near Sedona, AZ.

copper ballroom Paul & Lillie Weisbart     Booths 726/728

Rejuvenation, Manifestation and Abundance

Come and discover new secrets to manifesting your dreams. This seminar will cover exciting new information about the nature of manifestation and abundance. Learn about Stellar Precession and the new physics of rejuvenation emerging on the planet. Our rejuvenation secrets are designed to optimize the body’s ability to regenerate cells. These easy to use keys for manifestation are based on the physics of abundance. As our cell receptors open to the universe the process of rejuvenation and manifestation abounds.

Lillie and Paul are based in Hawaii where they have pioneered Stellar Body Rejuvenation. Come to their seminars and discover new secrets for rejuvenation, manifestation and abundance.

greenlee room John Clyde & Lyra Kranz     Booth 817

Effective Use of Energy Tools for Healthcare Professionals & Their Clients

Hands-on Workshop – Learn how you can use energy tools to create a more receptive space for your treatments; energetically balance yourself and your client before you begin your session; move stuck energy that can cause pain in yourself and others. Using energy tools in your practice and personal life can help energize you, maintain a fluid flow of energy throughout your physical body and reduce stress

Elizabeth Kranz (Lyra) - 20 years experience working with different aspects of massage and energy balancing. Exhibit and hold workshops, using energy tools, at health and new age expos.

maricopa room Mona Polacca     International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
Traditional Use of Tobacco
Saturday 4-5:30PM
maricopa room Darlene     Booth 816

Eat Your Veggies

Balance your pH by Alkalizing and learn about the biology of balancing your body. Explore in depth what foods are alkalizing and which are acidic to your body. Simple, easy ways to “Eat Your Veggies” at home and on the go. Actual recipes made to show you how. Change your thoughts, change your pH. What you think creates acid or alkalinity. How to shift your thoughts to shift your body.

Darlene has assisted children and their families transition into healthier diets through workshops and seminars for more than 12 years. She has lost weight, eliminated bladder issues and healed an abscessed tooth through alkalizing. She grew up in a holistic home and has been studying health since she was nine; is a Certified NLP Practitioner; Mother and entrepreneur.

mohave room Brenda Witt     Booth 413

Three-Step Plan to Reverse the Bio-Markers of Aging


Find out how you can reverse the bio-markers of aging through a low-glycemic eating plan, exercise and the right phyto-sterols, glyconutrients and antioxidants. Brenda will explain a simple and easy plan to follow for eating on the LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX and watch the inches melt away! She explains how eating the right foods, not cutting calories, is the way to slimmer waist lines and svelt hips and how your body can become a “fat burning machine!”

Brenda Witt, Clinical Perfusionist, Certified Clinical Thermographer was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. She co-owns Proactive Health Solutions and is currently operating out of the Cypress, CA location.

copper ballroom Wayne Perry     Booth 829

Generating Relationship Chemistry with the Laws of Vibration

Learn how sound, frequency and vibration actually attracts, manifests, harmonizes and sustains relationships. The success of most relationships is rooted in good chemistry. Discover vibrational principles, and your own signature frequency, to dynamically improve relationship chemistry and compatibility. Join acclaimed sound healer, Wayne Perry, in exploring the successful foundation of harmonious intimate relationships. Tune yourself and become a loving relationship magnet!

Wayne Perry, founder and director of the Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles, is renowned as a speaker/lecturer, teacher, consultant, overtone singer and recording artist. His unique sound healing work has been featured on CNN, CBS News, The Roseanne Show, Strange Universe, America’s Talking, Alive and Wellness, TBS and Health Watch-CLTV Chicago.

crystal ballroom Mary Alice Winchell     Booth 609

One Breath at a Time

One Breath at a Time consists of 10 guided breath patterns designed to inspire you! Experience a greater appreciation, understanding and recognition of your breath. Discover an inner peace, euphoria, and gratitude for being alive. Breath is Energy Medicine. All exercises are done sitting in a chair; all ages and levels of ability welcome.

Mary Alice Winchell has been a Hatha Yoga/Breath teacher for 28 years. She weaves common sense, intuition and humor into her life-giving programs.

turquoise ballroom Janet Rae     Booths 1100/1102

Practical steps to evolve your thinking and your life.

Current research by Candace Pert, Ph.D., and Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., is showing that our beliefs, emotions and perceptions are the leading cause of disease in the body. By actively “evolving” your emotions, perceptions and beliefs you can inspire a new level of health. This workshop is interactive and practical. You leave with new perceptions and beliefs that will facilitate the growth of optimal health. These exercises accelerate the growth you experience in working with your chiropractor or wellness consultant.

Janet Rae has followed her passion for the last 15 years in learning leading edge information for evolving life by combining science and spirituality. She started the largest “What the Bleep?!” study group in the nation called Wisdom Writings.

greenlee room “Beauty” Henry Peterson

Head & Heart & Hands Aligned (HA HA HA)

Instantly usable techniques designed to clear, heal and preserve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. A great introductory or refresher for tapping, using and sharing the ever-present quantum energy available to us all, by way of trust­ing you have it, feeling its flow and focusing it beneficially with head, heart and hands as a service to others. Learn aura cleansing, energy flow, harmonic transmission and ways of preserving your clarity.

“Beauty” Henry Peterson, has been a student and a teacher of Native American and eastern Indian methods of self discovery and empowerment for over 30 years. He has helped create healing circles and promoted spiritual awareness in in­dividuals and groups. He shares his healing gift through his seminars and in his daily living.

Saturday 5:30-7PM
greenlee room Karie Knoke    

A Salmon Tasting Party - Healthy Oceans, Healthy Hearts

Taste for yourself the delicious differences between various species of salmon. We will explore the myths and realities that affect our delicate eco-system as it pertains to our oceans. Learn about the health benefits of Omega-3 Oils found in wild Salmon; the effects of farmed salmon to our environment and our bodies; mercury levels, and the importance of sustainable fisheries. For fun, we will demonstrate cooking techniques, share recipes and buying tips to help bring clarity to your next salmon purchase.

Karie Knoke is an Alaskan commercial fisherwoman, environmentalist and health advocate. She also researched pesticide use for the Consumers Union. Other interests include energy healing, astrology and the primitive arts.

mohave room Dagmar R. Metzler     Booth 1304

Stress Management Techniques for Every Day

This workshop is designed to teach concepts and practical, energetic exercises for stress management, increasing focusing abilities and relaxation. This is an interactive workshop. Each attendee will experience immediate benefits and learn about effective techniques to apply in day to day situations to achieve a higher state of emotional well-being.

Dagmar R. Metzler, Chief Wellness Officer, DMM Wellness Solutions, Holistic Nutritionist, Bachelor of Natural Health Studies, advanced Reiki/EFT Therapist teaches lifestyle nutrition and stress management techniques in Europe and US.