Dear Valued Exhibitor,

You are invited to participate in The 2005 Arizona Choices Exposition.

Arizona Choices Exposition is Tucson’s Premier Health & Wellness Expo bringing together cutting edge Sponsors, Exhibitors and Lecturers of Conventional and Complementary Choices for Ourselves and Our Environment, with tens of thousands of targeted attendees. The Expo’s Production Team brings years of exciting and skillful show management to this event. See the Arizona Choices Team Page for the details.

The Arizona Choices Exposition is being held at The Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona, the weekend of November 11th - 13th, 2005. With Free and Low Cost Health Tests By Medical Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics and Natural Healers; 126 Free Lectures; 90 Workshops; 9 Special Events; a Special Section of Traditional Native American Healers and Crafts People; and a Special Section of Mexican American Traditional Healers and Crafts People, this event promises to be the best Health & Wellness Expo in Tucson ever. The Arizona Choices Exposition Conference that follows the Expo, November 14th - 16th at the Radisson Hotel in Tucson, Arizona, will bring hundreds of people to Tucson from around the United States.

We will be advertising extensively in local media including Billboards, Newspapers, Radio & TV, with a large marketing budget. The Conference will also be amply advertised in national and selected major city targeted media with a separate marketing budget. Press Kits for, and Calendar Notices in, the local media will also enhance the marketing by assisting the media in producing feature articles and interviews with Expo presenters. See the Projected Media Exposure Page for the details on the Expo’s marketing.

In addition, we will produce, print and distribute 50,000 Advanced Program Guides, over 15,000 Show Program Guides, and 15,000 Conference Catalogues. The Arizona Choices Website will be extensive and listed in the major search engines and directories. Consider advertising in the Program Guides and on the Website!

Over 15,000 Complimentary Admission Tickets will be distributed by Expo Sponsors and the Media in the greater Tucson area in the month preceding the Expo, and the Advanced Admission Price will be a low $ 5.00 for Friday and $ 10.00 for Saturday or Sunday. We expect well over 15,000 people to attend the Arizona Choices Exposition.

The Arizona Choices Exposition, the Program Guides and the Arizona Choices Website are ideal platforms to bring your business to the attention of our educated and affluent customers. See the Projected Demographic Profiles Page for the Expo Attendees.

You will be able to develop solid relationships with new customers; Introduce new products and services; Network and expand your client base; Establish your brand recognition; Acquire new wholesale accounts; Attract new distributors; Deepen your profit line; Increase sales through direct selling campaigns; and Co-market with comprehensive national and regional campaigns!

The Tucson Convention Center is the place to be, and November is a great time to be in Tucson, Arizona! There are less than 300 Exhibit Booths available for sale. Book your space early as we expect to sell out very quickly.

Thanks, and we’ll see you there!
The Arizona Choices Team

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Or you can download the entire Sales Kit in Adobe Acrobat PDF format here: AZChsaleskit.pdf (820Kb)